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I Love Science


I Love Science


Product description

Turn Science Frustration into Science Fun! (Ages 7 - 11)

Send your science grades soaring and have a blast doing it!

Think Like a Scientist!
The best way to learn science is hands-on. Over 100 interactive experiments makes it fun (and safe) to do!

Boost Science Grades!
I Love Science reinforces the topics you’re studying in school, so your grades go up and up!

Track Your Progress!
Pick the topics you want. Progress at your own rate. And keep track of your scientific accomplishments!

Learn Scientific Principles!
In three labs you’ll discover amazing facts and important principles about the everyday science all around you.

Boost Science Grades!

  • Real World Science Activities Cover Standard Curriculum Topics!
  • Interactive Experiments Develop Scientific Thinking Skills!
  • Game-Play Excitement Ensures Learning Motivation!

Core Curriculum Topics
  • Physics–Electricity, Gravity and Simple Machines
  • Biology–Human Body, Plant Growth and Food Chains
  • Chemistry–Physical States, Crystals, Heating and Cooling
  • Earth and Space Science–Water Cycle, Planets, Sun and Moon
  • ... and More!

Grade Raising Features
  • Covers curricula for grades 2–5
  • Over 100 experiments
  • 1,000 science problems
  • 60 off-computer experiments
  • Developed by science education experts
  • Parent help and print-outs

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 compatible

I Love Science

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